A Voice for Everyone.

Student workers deserve a say. That’s why we are joining together at UGSDW.

Why a union?

Workers deserve a voice. Without student workers, there would be no food, no library, no mentor sessions, no mail delivery. We do vital work for the college. We should have a say in how we work.

Grinnell has always valued self-governance. College president George Gates famously said that “It is 10,000 times better that young people should learn to govern themselves.” Despite this, self-governance is notably absent in the workplace. Wages and hours are set arbitrarily by the administration, and jobs can disappear without notice or discussion.

Together, we can advocate for our common goals in a way that has not been possible before. Student workers in Dining Services have fought for, and won, key improvements in wages and working conditions through UGSDW. Student workers outside Dining Services ought to have the right to do the same.