The first independent undergraduate labor union in the country, UGSDW is a democratic organization that fights for fair wages and working conditions for Grinnell College workers.

Our Principles

Our History

The Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers was started in the spring of 2016, elected with a 91% margin by employees to represent the student dining workers. Since then, we’ve expanded to include all Dining Services workers, made a larger effort to expand to all student workers at Grinnell College, and negotiated multiple contracts. We’ve fought for, and won:

Get Involved

Grinnell College relies on student workers to run it. In fact, the college wouldn’t exist without student workers. The more student workers take action to improve their conditions, the more pressure the college will have to meet our demands. UGSDW is constantly fighting to win better treatment for all workers across campus, from higher wages to a grievance procedure to protections against unjust firings. Get more involved in the decision making processes by becoming a member, joining a Union campaign or leadership position, and keeping up to date on our actions and events by following UGSDW on instagram or facebook. Become a member here, then check your email for updates!


UGSDW is led by the Executive Board, which is elected yearly by the membership. The Board is comprised of our President, Secretary-Treasurer, a number of at-large members, and several appointed advisors, who do not have voting power.

Hannah Sweet and Conrad Dahm  President

Leo Goldman  Secretary-Treasurer

Noelle Bueher  Member At Large

Kelly Banfield  Member At Large

Kyra Pruszinski  Member At Large

Amika Matteson  Member At Large

Lena Wiebe  Member At Large

Donovan Wilcox  Member At Large

Sam Hiller  Member At Large

Morgan Smith  Member At Large

Jules Covitz  Advisor

Parris King-Levine  Advisor

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