Haverford Solidarity Statement

Dear Haverford Student Strike Organizers and Participants:

The Union for Grinnell College Dining Workers congratulates the organizers of and all the participants in the Haverford student strike on your incredible fight against structural racism at Haverford College. The power you harnessed demonstrates the power of collective action.

UGSDW knows how reluctant college administrators are to accept the demands of students. They are used to seeing us merely as youth beholden to them on decisions of financial wellbeing, physical safety, mental health, and education. Your fourteen days of striking classes, work, and extracurriculars forced Haverford College to concretely designate hundreds of thousands of dollars for improving the Black Cultural Center, increasing accessibility, Bias Training, and the Chief Diversity Officer budget. These monetary wins are inspirational as well as the tremendous structural changes you fought for to protect, care for, and uplift BIPOC students and faculty at Haverford.

We also know fights like these are never completely over. UGSDW continues to stand in solidarity with the organizers of the Haverford Student Strike, and we remain enraged these fights are necessary.

In solidarity and rage,

UGSDW Executive Board

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